Questions On The Prayer Of Jesus Christ And Subsequent Hope And Blessings That Follows With Faith Essay

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INTRODUCTION Romans 5:1 to 11 is based on reconciliation though the death of Jesus Christ and subsequent hope and blessings that follows with faith. In this essay, I will discuss the text before the verses to provide context, the historical background behind the text, the literary context, and the content. Lastly I will make an exegetical summary on what the text hopes to accomplish, a theological witness explaining what the text reveals about God, and eventually interpreting how it can be applied in our own lives. PERICOPE Chapter 4 gives examples of people living in/ having faith since the beginning. Abraham had faith in God and God blessed him. Paul then mentions that God blessed Abraham even when he was uncircumcised, a nod to Gentile Christians, even though Circumcision was considered proof of faith. God rewards Abraham’s faith by letting his wife become pregnant at 100 years old. As Osborne explains, there is a “significant shift of focus between” the two chapters; chapter four centering on the necessity of faith for salvation while chapter five is on the effects of that salvation on the lives and experiences of believers” (Osborne 124). In the HCSB version, Paul uses transition phrase, therefore, to move into chapter 5 to talk about the blessings of faith, how god shows his love through Christ, making us “at peace with” God again. Stopping at verse 12 as it also begins with transition phase and proceeds to explain sin and the necessity of God’s grace. GENRE Romans
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