Questions On The Survey Questionnaires Essay

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questions in the survey questionnaires. The use of the latter type of questioning is to allow the informant provide more details to some closed-ended questions that may need further elaborations. The questionnaires will be organized in six modules. The first module will delve into socio-cultural origin and background of the respondents, specifically ask questions pertaining to: their immigration and citizenship status, their length of stay in Canada, place of origin, ties with place of origin, communal ties in Canada (whether with people of similar cultural origins and/or people of other cultures). The second module will probe the general health and physical status of informant; soliciting information on frailty, the overall perception of health, current and past health issues, as well as, mobility and commuting habits. The third module will ask further questions pertaining to multimorbidity: whether respondent/their dependents suffer from one or more chronic diseases or conditions, the types of chronic conditions or ailment, how long they or their dependents have lived with such conditions. The fourth module will delve into the use of CAM and the general health seeking behaviour in using CAM. Questions under this module will explore: whether the respondent use CAM (past 12 months and past years), the type of CAM used, whether it has respondent’s ethnocultural orientation (probe further into how gained access to the remedy: sourced in Canada are brought from country of
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