RBS Computer Failure Caused by Inexperienced Operative in India

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Information system is a complementary networks of hardware and software that or organization use to collect, filter, process, create, and distribute data. Information system are being create to support the operation, management and also their decision making. The way to represent the information system and the information technology have been increase day by day. The information technology have become increase day by day to help people to represent the information. The way on representing the information system may interesting information technology may attract the people to came and join the bank. This may give a big effect to the company. Competitive advantage is a superiority gain by an …show more content…

They also may attract the user by sending personal email and short message system. People now a day are busy with the work. So they does not have enough time to know the latest plan that have been. So as a conclusion by using this method may help the customer to choose the best beside the bank or the organisation will be the best to attract customer and plan that may help the people in their daily life. People now are looking for a solution that are easy to use and must not expensive. Next is they may controlling the cost. Controlling the cost are usually benefit to both side. This is because every transaction or the problem may be solve quickly. This is because the customer just enter the website, and just log in and settling matter. The customer also will save their time. Than they does not have to pay for the patrol and the parking. This is because of high cost of living have highly increase and have highly impact, especially the subordinate. They may done their promotion by sent a multimedia message system, sent email and highly save cost. This method will save a lot because of does not have to pay a cost on stamping and take much more time to get the feedback. A great feedback and a good solution may give a big effect to the business. This is to avoid the business or the organization done the mistake. The solution taken must be measure to the

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