Reason for Commercial Breaks

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Commercial Breaks Commercials have become an integral part of television programs these days. We don’t find any channel or show without being interrupted by commercials. This is most likely because commercials are the very means of financing a show or program. Programs are even designed keeping in mind the time being allotted to commercials. People at various ages seem to have various reactions to commercials. At times kids enjoy commercial showing cartoons or any other baby products, but showing a commercial during cartoons really annoys them. In the same way programs that are targeting adults, serious shows that indulge the audience, interruption by a commercial break is not welcomed at all. In fact if one picks up an ongoing soap opera, which shows an hour-long episode, each week is usually composed of fifty minutes of the show and ten to fifteen minutes of commercials. Baywatch is a very popular television series being shown on star world these days. Since this is its repeat telecast it is shown in the afternoon rather then in prime time. I seem to enjoy the show to a very extent because it is composed of exotic scenes, drama and cool stunts. Yes, Baywatch is one of my favorite shows on television. I haven’t missed a single episode even when this show was shown on prime time. I would leave all my work and sit in front of the television at 9:00pm. I wouldn’t even allow my dad to watch the prime time news of CNN at that time. Well those old days passed and now Baywatch

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