Reasons Why Students Should Not Join After School Club

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Many schools have begun to force their students to participate in two or more after school clubs. However, demanding students to join an extracurricular club should not be allowed as it goes against the ideals that extracurriculars hold. After all, school clubs are meant to be a fun, stress free way of meeting new people and bettering one’s self, but when schools force students to join them, they just become more school. Students shouldn’t be forced to join after school clubs because they may not have enough time, it may increase stress, and it could greatly affect a student’s studies. Students already have very little free time between schoolwork, their social lives, and spending time with their family, let alone the after school clubs they join by choice, but adding mandatory clubs would make it impossible to focus on more important things. According to James Roland, “When much of a young person’s life is scheduled, little time remains for the carefree moments that foster discovery and imagination” (Roland). If students were forced to join two extracurricular activities, these carefree moments would be replaced by involuntary work. A student’s life is very scheduled, and taking away another portion of their day would only create more work. Also, “...This structured and planned life will make your child burdened at a young age with frustration and workload” (Reddy). With the addition of mandatory extracurricular activities, a student’s life becomes extremely
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