Recruitment Is A Core Function Of Human Resource Management

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This report will present a set of useful advice and meaningful insights on the recruitment focus for organizations in the technology industry. It will also provide some facts and explanations on the areas they need to look at, processes they need to consider, as well as pitfalls, issues and ideas relevant to this practice. The report aims to assist organizations and managers to improve or develop on this particular area of recruiting process. Human Resource Management (HRM or HR) is a function in an organization designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives. Organization’s HRM practices should be designed with and grounded in an understanding of the specific employee’s behavior required to successfully implement the organization’s particular competitive strategy. The objectives of HRM practices are to encourage and support employees’ behavior in order to drive successful strategy execution. Recruitment is a core function of human resource management. It refers to the process of searching and obtaining potential job applicants from a target pool, enabling employers to select the most suitable candidates to fill job vacancies in a timely and cost effective manner. In other words, recruitment provides a pool of applicants from which to select people for specific positions or for adding to the organization’s stock of human resources. In high-technology industry, most recruiters are aware that finding the best IT professionals
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