Reflection On Self Appraisal

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In this self-appraisal, I will reflect on my individual experiences throughout performance training. By focusing on three specific components: dynamic energy, self-definition and sensory awareness, I will investigate my personal development in critical depth whilst identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses. The highlighted elements of my training, will be informed by theoretical research and techniques taught by key practitioners, such as Phillip B. Zarrilli, Konstantin Stanislavski and Litz Pisk.

I have endured a system of training through yoga and Asian martial arts which heightens a psychological and physical experience, where “the body mind together become one through daily practice” (Zarrilli, 2009: pg. 64). When practicing yoga exercises, I begin with my body and then move inwards towards my mind, until I am fully present in the experience and aware of my environment. By tuning both my mind and body together I feel as though my energy is fully engaged, allowing myself to generate a sence of dynamic energy throughout the space as I encounter my whole body within the studio. However, even though I can transfer my energy through the studio space, I wish to enforce this dynamic energy beyond four walls. In Psychophysical Acting: An Intercultural Approach After Stanislavski, Phillip B. Zarrilli states that “Quality of energy extends outward in a line from an individual, thereby connecting that individual to and through the space and/or to one or more individuals in that space” (pg. 93). This can be applied to a particular breathing exercise, which requires one to stand hips width apart, with our feet fully planted and with an external focus directly in front. Whilst exhaling in position, the arms are fully extended, with our palms facing one-another. The motion starts on an inhalation while following the breath, with your arms slowly opening until the body is stood in a ‘T’ position. The movement is then repeated once an exhalation brings your arms directly in front of you, with your palms parallel - facing each other. The purpose of this particular breathing exercise is to familiarise yourself with your own breath, whilst imagining your energy channelling through your body like water travelling up the
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