Dysfunctional Leadership

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I can reflect with much pride where these two children are today; how they have developed spiritually and academically, and to think God used me to help lay the foundation is eternally rewarding. But as with any good deed done, there is always a negative folks will attempt to label your efforts with, mine wasn’t any different. I soon began to pay closer attention to the way I was treated --- the tone in which several pastors spoke was a tell. Sadly, one of my long-time girlfriends who also worked with several of the pastors from Pennsylvania that were engaged in mission work in Uganda. Even with the most methodical plan to give your very best for the cause, some folks will still criticize your efforts, some will stretch themselves to make you look as bad as possible and you have to recognize you are now dealing with SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Though you will be tempted to take it personal, don’t. And if the leadership is underdeveloped, you should expect to see signs of marginalization. Their strategy to restrain your talent will be evident and sometimes as a result of their manipulation, the harm inflicted against your character can be hard to ingest. You cannot pretend to be okay with disorder, it has to be addressed and if you are out of sync with the vision of the mission, never hesitate to first align yourself to the purpose for which God placed you there. And if you somehow lost touch with reality and the vision, just stop digging a hole. Take time to seek God for
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