Essay about Requirements Engineering and Management

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Kingston University London Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing MSc in IT & Strategic Innovation with Management Studies COURSEWORK MODULE Requirements Engineering and Management Valentinos Case Study MODULE LEADER DR J. Chattratichart Submission deadline 10am on 16 November 2012 K1201437 Muhammad Gara Abdulrahman Question 1: Project Initiation products Project vision statement For customers who want to use the match making service to look for…show more content…
* Constant software upgrades is needed and very important in other for Valentinos to achieve its prime aim. * Software maintenance is required, this must be considered in order to keep the website efficient at all times. * Computers will need to be kept in good conditions and maintained regularly to avoid mishaps. Question 2. Produce a Requirements Catalogue A list of at least 10 functional requirements: Name | Description | Priority | 1- Register Customers Profile | First customer needs to register before having access to the website, customer should be able to register within 3-5mins by just registering their email address and password. | MUST | 2 - Validate Customer Detail | Confirmation email will be sent to the customers registered email for customer to confirm registration. | MUST | 3- Fill Questionnaire | Customer will have to fill in answer regarding their information and what type of match they are looking for. | | 4 - Approve customer payment | The software will confirm payment transaction of £150. | MUST | 5 - Send customer payment information | They system sends customer receipt of payment made to Valentinos. | SHOULD | 6 – Update profile | Registered customers should be able to update their profile immediately after payment confirmation is done. And can be accessed at anytime. | MUST
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