Essay on Research Methods

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(Zikmund, 2003) states that exploratory research should be used to clarify ambiguous problems. Management may have discovered general problems but research is needed to gain better understanding of the dimensions of the problems.
This study aims at exploring and delving into the underlying factors of why organisations struggle to attract and retain talent using the employer brand. The challenges of talent management are well known and are applicable to all players, there is a possibility that other drivers are at play and therefore warrant the need to explore.
(Leedy & Ormond, 2005) asserts that qualitative research answers the questions we cannot skim across the surface. They focus on phenomena that occur in natural settings – the …show more content…

The ultimate goal is to learn about a large population by surveying a sample of that population.
In order to gain additional insights into the conceptual framework and to further clarify the concepts and effects anticipated in literature, a preliminary research in the form of semi-structured, in-depth interviews will be undertaken. A semi structured interview allows the researcher to follow standard questions with one or more individually tailored questions to get clarification or probe a person’s reasoning. Respondents will be current employees of a SA financial institution. The semi structured in-depth interviews will be undertaken to provide detailed insights into the nature of each concept, and to assist in the development of a relevant framework.
3 focus groups interviews comprising of 8 – 10 people will be conducted with current employees. The semi structured in-depth interview will be conducted on site (at the bank), using open ended questions and data and responses will be captured using a recording device. The respondents will be recruited through a referral based convenience sample utilising a snowballing technique. Current employees are chosen because they were once engaged with the recruitment process and are still engaged with the retention process, allowing them to provide informed comments on the topic at hand. In

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