Risk Analysis Case Study Synaptic Essay

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Analysis of Risks Introduction: Synaptic is a bio technology company that uses a combination of both Information Management (IM) and biological research to develop drugs based on proteins and peptides. Synaptic is comprised of a large Information Management department which consists of multiple divisions within the department. Each division within the IM is in charge of communications and computer systems services, in particular research, manufacturing and infrastructure. The company also employs computational scientists that aid with the research aspect of the product development. The development of the product makes it necessary for both set of parties – the Information Management and the scientists to interact with each…show more content…
The vast difference in cultures between the two groups caused friction in their collaboration of developing a project. The scientific group preferred working privately as opposed to team work. They believed in innovation and the promptness in completing a project. They did not value the importance of documenting procedures and new processes. The Information Management group on the other places emphasis on the importance of documenting procedures. They advocated following formal business processes as an attempt to resolve the differences between both the groups (Makarov). These formal business processes were eventually refused by the scientific team as they preferred a more informal method of communicating. This rebellion eventually led one of the scientists, Steve Levitt to conduct his own program on his own Oracle Database within his office. Steve continued his work on his private server. Most of the work that he did was not completely familiar with his fellow colleagues. He was repeatedly solicited by the Research Information Management group to document his computational procedures. He didn’t take any action on these requests. The next issue that developed from this lack of action was that some of the data that was generated from Steve Levitt’s computational work was incorrect. The Research Management team was requested to fix the data validation issue that was caused by Steve Levitt. Without proper
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