Robotics And Artificial Intelligence

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Robotics and artificial intelligence are two separate things. Robotics involves building robots whereas AI involves programming. Artificially intelligent robots are the connection between robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Artificially Intelligent robots are robots that are controlled by Artificially Intelligent programs. There exist a wide range of robots that are not artificially intelligent. Up until quite recently, all industrial robots could only be programmed to carry out a repetitive series of movements. Repetitive movements do not require artificial intelligence. Robots that aren’t artificially intelligent are quite limited in their functionality. AI algorithms are often necessary to allow the robot to perform more complex tasks. An example of a non-Artificially Intelligent robot is the Cobot. The Cobot can easily be programmed to pick up objects and place them elsewhere. The Cobot will continue to pick and place objects in the same way until it’s turned off. The Cobot is an autonomous function because the robot does not require human’s input after it has been programmed. Though it does all that it does not require any intelligence. Yet, the Cobot can be improved by using Artificial Intelligence. By adding a camera to the Cobot, we are making it artificially intelligent. This concept is considered as perception in Artificial Intelligence. For example, if we wanted the Cobot to detect the object it was picking up and place it in a different location it would

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