Sample Action Research Report Evaluation1

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Sample Action Research Report Evaluation
Fretarsha Muse
Dr. Kathy Hoover
EDU 671: Fundamental of Educational Research
March 31, 2014

Sample Action Research Report Evaluation

Area of focus The area of focus is integrating technology into middle school curriculum to influence the students’ enthusiasm for learning science (Hollis, 1995). This area of focus does involve teaching and learning because technology is being incorporated with teaching the students and the students are learning about science. “Uniting the use of technology with academic content enhances the overall learning” (Kelley, Finley, Koehler, and Picard, 2001), so by using technology, the students should benefit greatly. Research questions …show more content…

The researcher also showed that she was very caring and dedicated to her students.
Reflective stance The researcher looks at teaching and learning as being universal. Students all learn differently and because it is not known how a specific student learns, the researcher did not believe that they were a giver of learning, but was thought to be very assertive about pedagogy of the material. The students must be willingness to learn and their “enthusiasm for discovering knowledge and developing understanding” would tell where students are when learning. If students show that they are more interested in learning, then they are more prone to wanting to gain the new information. So by the students showing a positive influence from using technology, it can show that it related to the researcher’ reflective stance.
The outcome of the study were that “the level of enthusiasm for learning science was increased through the incorporation of computers and multimedia software into the middle school science curriculum” (Hollis, 1995). So the integration of technology would be used regularly in the researcher’s classroom since there was a success.
Action-data connection The action and data do coincide with each other as the data showed that there was an increase in enthusiasm with learning with technology. The students were

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