Sample Resume : Career Development

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1. Career field map - Specify if pursuing a Technical Path or Senior Executive Path. 2. Conduct a Self-Assessment for Career Development Needs – Identify obstacles that can prevent career derailment, how an employee communicates excellently and focus on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and other areas to improve on from the self-assessment. 3. Establish a consistent relationship with your supervisor – Spending time with a supervisor and manager and sharing the career development self-assessment summary. The supervisor should be able to provide guidance and feedback on areas of development, skills, training, future positions, improved organizational opportunities, etc… 4. Establish own career goals – Create short-term (1 year), mid-term (2-5 years) and long-term (5 > years) goals to fit current and possible future position. Keep in mind the supervisor should be present assisting with goals to be achieved. 5. Create career map - A tool that all personnel can use during career planning discussions with employees. Career maps help employees strategically think how the mission can be accomplished with their skills and continue to meet their career goals rather than leave it to move ahead. It’s easy to visualize future career possibilities and serves as a mentoring tool for leaders at all levels, and it contain the professional competencies expected of each employee. Career maps also include the training and certifications required for each job series and pay
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