Samsung Electronics Co. Vs. Apple Inc. Essay

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Supreme Court Case Project
1. The Case that I have chosen is Samsung Electronics Co. vs. Apple Inc.
2. The Samsung Electronics Co. vs. Apple Inc. has been the first design patent cases in a very long time. According to the book BUS 201 Business Law the definition of intellectual property is, “a term that describes property that is developed through an intellectual and creative process” (Cheeseman, n.d.). Going into the history of the Samsung vs. Apple case, the case first began because Apple felt that Samsung stole their design patent when it came to their original Apple iPhone design. Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung in 2011 for the infringement of their design patent. Soon after, it created a full war against the two companies arguing over the patents and their designs being stolen that is still going on as of today. The jury verdict ruled in Apple’s favor, Apple won the case stating that Samsung had indeed infringed their patents. Samsung was order to pay Apple approximately 450 million dollars, after the cost to pay was brought down based on a jury’s error. Samsung then countersued Apple stating that they had failed to comply with patent rules and was not supposed to sell those certain iPhones in the United States at that time. Samsung finally won this case, but after Samsung sued them, Apple countersued them and the fight has not ended yet. The cases are still going on till this day and have now reached the Supreme Court. They are now debating about the money that…

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