School Uniforms: Are They Really That Bad?

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School Uniforms: Are They Really That Bad? Twenty-three percent of schools in the United States require school uniforms, which may sound dreadful, but is it really? Some say that school uniforms take away the right to self-expression, but clothing isn’t the only way to express yourself. Students should have to wear school uniforms because less dress code issues will occur, school uniforms show professionalism, and school uniforms save parents money. To begin, school uniforms result in less dress code issues. Schools constantly face problems with students that wear clothing featuring profanity or sexual references. With clothing requirements such as basic colored, collared shirts, schools won’t have to deal with correcting students’ clothing. …show more content…

As students become older, they have to accept that in just a few years, they will be working. School uniforms help students adjust to the uniformity expected in a work place, before starting to work. In addition, school uniforms cause students to focus on getting educated and not on looks, therefore relieving kids of the stress of choosing what to wear to school. By wearing uniforms, students display their intention to learn and not get attention. In all, school uniforms show dedication. Moreover, school uniforms save parents money. Many parents spend lots of money when buying back-to-school stuff, but a big chunk of that money goes to clothing. If uniforms are in place, parents will save money, as they won’t buy their children expensive clothing from stores such as Express, H&M, and Aeropostale. For example, Polo shirts start at $7 at Target and pants start at $14. Parents can easily save a whole lot through school uniforms. This also benefits economically disadvantaged families. To sum this all up, all parents save money through school uniforms. In conclusion, students should have to wear uniforms because they prevent dress code issues, they show sophistication, and parents save money. School uniforms prevent controversial topics from coming up, such as politics, encourage good behavior, and remove economic burden through cheaper clothing from places such as Target. In the end, is there really a reason to not have school

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