Search Engine Optimization ( Seo )

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A search engine is able to store and provide information about a specific webpage based upon a user’s search request. The deep web is a large portion of the entire World Wide Web (WWW) that has yet to be analyzed and stored by a search engine. The deep web is believed to be approximately 92,000 Terabytes in size (Langville, 9) and it is known that most of this part of the web will never be completely indexed by a search engine (Castillo, 3). In order to gather as much relevant information from the web, search engines must be able to use different technologies and algorithms to make sense of all the data is contained within the web. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the various ways in which search engines have been able to process …show more content…

In the marketing world, SEO refers to techniques and methods by which the structure and content of a page can influence the ranking and relevance of a website (Killoran, 53). My paper will be assessing SEO as it pertains to search engines in the improvement of technology and algorithms. Around eighty percent of all initial visits to a webpage today are accessed through a type of search engine (Zhu, 225). Of all the eighty percent of initial visits to a webpage that are referred by a search engine, seventy-five percent occur through Google (Zhu, 225). A user is eighty-four percent more likely to never go beyond the second page of a search result page (Zhu, 225), so it is important that search engines are optimized to return back relevant results. One example of SEO would be the introduction of PageRank. PageRank is a ranking algorithm that determines a page relevancy by calculating the number of inbound and outbound links a web page experiences (Killoran, 53-54), this algorithm will be covered later in the paper. Link analysis was first implemented and used in 1998 (Langville, 1998, 4), and uses information embedded in a web page’s link structure to draw ranking information. PageRank is considered a link analysis algorithm (Xiang, 469). In order to get a better understanding of SEO, we must first have a general concept of the different components that compose search engines. 3. Search Engine 3.1 Overview There are

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