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Secondary Research There are myriad opportunities for us to consider as we construct our recommended plan for OCLRE. While we will be looking at enhancing the organization’s tagline, their website copy, and reformatting brochures our main objective is expansion through social media. In our secondary research, we focused on analyzing OCLRE’s current social media platforms, their strengths and opportunities to expand, and previously conducted research that provides guidance in regards to our next steps. Firstly, we analyzed OCLRE’s media platforms. They have four active accounts: Instagram Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Their Instagram has been inactive since 2014, but presents a potential untapped audience as 32% of adults online have an …show more content…

OCLRE has 98 subscribers, and a total of 74, 044 views across their YouTube channel. OCLRE’s strength when it comes to their social media is keeping their audience informed. However, in the modern, media marketing has ceased being about messages and shifted to conversations, according to a scholarly article titled “We’re all connected: The power of the social media ecosystem” published by Kelley School of Business of Indiana University. People are no longer content to being simply informed or talked at; they want to be captured and continuously engaged. “Social networks aren’t about Websites,” stated Mike DiLorenzo, NHL director of social media marketing, “They’re about experiences”. The NHL, back in 2009, ran into a similar problem when trying to reach out to more fans and inspire greater participation through their social media. They created an idea for “fan views”, in which on their media platforms like Facebook they provided a link that sent consumers to original content made by fans such as photos and videos. They wanted to create that sense of being at a NHL game for those who weren’t physically in the seats; to create conversation and experiences not just for their fans, but between their fans. This is a focus we want in expanding OCLRE’s media presence. DiLorenzo and his marketing team incorporated reach,

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