Self Reflection Essay

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Self Reflection

Section I: Introduction
My name is Theresa Laquita Williams. I was born in Palatka Florida but I now reside in Zion Illinois with my husband. I am in my second year at the College of Lake County. Upon completion of my Associate of Arts degree I am planning to transfer to a university to get my bachelorette degree in social work. When describing myself I would say that I have a strong love for people of all color. I am very friendly, outgoing, free hearted, creative, and a big dreamer. I am always thinking of ways to generate money. Some of my best qualities are helping people. The neighborhood kids call me Mrs. T. and I am always passing out little treats to the kids in the neighborhood. My worst qualities as a person
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My mother was outgoing, very talented and excellent in everything she did. She was the lead singer in the church choir, head majorette, and she always could bring a positive into a negative situation. She was free hearted and double love for her grandchildren she was a wonderful mother. My dad was a hard worker he is the patriotic in the family Deacon in the church. My father is excellent in reciting poems and he also has a very good memory. Both parents come from a strong Christian background. There haven’t been must changing when it come to my father he is still going on strong but have became a great missionary. He was recently awarded Mr. Busy Bee of his church as well as Father of the Year. My mother passed away while I was in my second semester. When it come to the parenting style I would say they fall under Authoritative parenting they had reasonable demands but the demands were enforce always explain their rules and restrictions. They were sensitive to the needs of the children. I am the Authoritative parent. I am the one that is in control but I also have respect for my children it is most important that my children understand the reason for the rules and why they must comply. Even though I am flexible and demanding I do value their opinion but I am the one that is in charge. I am a single mother of three children two girls and a boy which are now grown adults. Their ages are thirty-three (33), thirty-two (32), and
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