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A REPORT ON “A CRITICAL STUDY ON MARKETING strategies Of EARTH INFRASTRUCTURES LTD” By UPENDRA SINGH YADAV (Enrollment No: PG11115) Name of the Organization: EARTH INFRASTRUCTURES LTD. A report submitted in partial fulfillment of The requirements of PGPM Program of IMS NOIDA Distribution List: 1) DR. VANDANA MATHUR (FACULTY GUIDE) 2) MR. ANKUR GOEL (COMPANY GUIDE) (VICE PRESIDENT) Date of Submission: 13th AUG, 2012 AUTHORIZATION This is to certify that the project entitled “A CRITICAL STUDY MARKETING STRATEGIES OF EARTH INFRASTRUCTURES LTD.” is submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirement of PGDM Program of ‘IMS NOIDA’ and is a record of our own bonafide…show more content…
b) Developing promotional and marketing strategies. c) Conduct a market research to understand the promotional strategy which suits best to generate business of the company. d) Executing the process through follow ups and closing the sales. The basic objective of the project is to understand the process of Business Developments and various attributes related in the actual project with an objective to develop entrepreneurial capabilities. Stage I is completed - In stage I, I understood the real estate sector. The training program increased my knowledge about the real estate sector and helped me develop the business of the company. Stage II is Developing the markets - I bifurcated the market into two categories: Hot and Cold Market. Hot Market includes our close relatives and friends, and Cold Market includes general public. Stage III is Lead Generation - It involves the different promotional strategies that I adopted to attract the investors such as putting the canopies near the site and in the apartments, visiting the shops in the marketplaces etc. The Stage IV is Execution - It involves the follow ups of the investors and closing the sales. List of Illustrations: * Pie chart 1 showing property as a good option for investment on page- 54 * Pie chart 2 showing ranking of various real estate companies on page- 55 * Pie chart 3 showing purpose of buying the property on page -56 * Pie chart 4

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