Essay on Sizing Software with Testable Requirements

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Title : Sizing Software with Testable Requirements

Article summary
Without measuring the cost the project cannot be managed. In order to size the project the testable requirements can be used . The Testable requirements implies a new software measurement paradigm. There are some attributes and applications which needs to be identified.

In the industry the sizing measures are generally used to normalize the different sizing measures ,hence it can be compared . Further without a sizing the project the productivity statistics cannot be obtained. There are other factors which would be attributes when sizing progress measurement, earned value, risk identification, and change management.

Mostly widely used sizing measures are …show more content…

As a result of this analysis following information was derived. The Testable requirements would give a much higher weight age to a user interface than command line interface. Testable requirements can also be used to measure and analyze a system in ways that are not possible with other measures. Because testable requirements can measure external user requirements as well as internal.
Regarding technical requirements, it is possible not only to size the user requirements, but also to quantify their impact on the technical design. The testable requirement paradigm does not require a complexity factor to account for this. Rather, the complexity will manifest itself in the size of the design, or the size of individual programs. Complexity, in essence, means that there are more testable requirements somewhere.

Due to above reasons this technique as a sizing tool has been more effective compare to LOC and FP.
However understanding, controlling, managing, and communicating system scope is critical . If there is scope creep the estimation could go wrong.

Article Analysis

In this article author has given an insight the reader about testable requirements as a sizing tool . The requirements are the capabilities necessary for a system to meet its

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