Skills, Logistical Infrastructure, And Production

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skills, logistical infrastructure, and production. SMEs lack in time and skills to implement application to conduct electronic business. Suppliers, employers and customers need to be trained and educated for which many small businesses lack in time and financial capabilities. Dramatic increase in business can also be a threat to SME who cannot satisfy new customer demands. Face-to-face business between suppliers and customers is considered as the strong way of doing business by means of trust so became a barrier for adoption. On the other hand, most of the interviewers specified the benefits of adoption as enhanced customer service, increased speed, improved communication and efficiency of business. Some of the SMEs chosen for this sample …show more content…

Main aim of business to develop IS capability and analyze its impact on e-business and IT strategy. Scholar 's and practitioner 's future focus will be to develop suitable framework for IT strategy processes. This research may help CEO 's to understand the present status in Taiwanese business of IT strategy implementation. The recommendations to improve e-business operational performance are: CIO 's IT/IS leadership ability, individual level capability, resources allocation, group level capability, knowledge sharing ability, project management capability, departmental collaboration, organization level ability etc. Moreover, organizational performance depends on effective implementation of IT strategy in business instead of overlooking it. This paper examines the relationship between information technology resources, strategic initiative, e-business capabilities and their functions in implementation process. E-business implementation does not always assure super performance because transforming resources into capabilities during implementation process could bring challenges for organization transformation. Resource based view (RBV) is a theory for strategic management that links firm 's performance to resources and abilities of organization. The other portion of material focuses on E-business strategy such as strategy initiative, strategy implementation and results associated. Relevant study has shown that firms in China

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