Sleeping Habits

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Getting the right amount of sleep every night is a must if you want your body to function at its highest performance throughout the day. Over half the population in America has admitted to not getting enough sleep. Bad sleep habits can really have a negative affect on teens. There are some tips that a teen can follow to help change those habits to get a better night sleep. Hopefully after reading this paper you will be more informed on how to get a good night sleep. One of the most common tendencies that teens have is staying up to late. The natural time that our bodies have evolved to get the best sleep is between 10:30 and 6. With many teens not going to bed until after midnight or even later you can see where this may affect a teens…show more content…
Our bodies need to have a certain core temperature to function properly. When we tend to stay up late all the time or pull all nighters during final weeks we aren’t getting the right amount of sleep necessary our bodies core temperature will be lowered due to the fact that we aren’t getting enough sleep, which causes our bodies proper functioning to be impaired. One major affect that our body will encounter that comes along with not having the right core temperature is a less consistent heartbeat. Apart from the physical effects of not getting enough sleep there are also many mental effects that may occur if you may be experiencing from sleep deprivation. When you are sleep deprived you probably wouldn’t act like your drunk right? Well to a certain extent, when you are experiencing from sleep deprivation you tend to show signs that drunk people have such as slurring of words, stuttering, etc. when you lack the right amount of sleep necessary your frontal lobes and temporal lobes tend to not be as alert and a less capable part takes their place. In recent studies that have been done with people who say they don’t get the right amount of sleep necessary, some people say that have noticed there short term memory has increased. This may not seem like such a bad thing but the problem is that lack of sleep affects your long term memory. You will have a decreased memory ability to access older memories and convert long term to
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