Smoking : A Ban On Tobacco

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A Ban on Tobacco Every day, millions of people walk through the line at the gas station, drop ten dollars off in exchange for cigarettes, get outside and light one up. Without any conscious thought of what that one cigarette is doing to their body, they smoke many more throughout the course of the day. People often times think and want to quit, but they can’t. They are so addicted to nicotine, and feel like it is an impossible habit to kick. Cigarettes create major health problems for most of the people that smoke them. The costs involved with them are tremendous in various ways, and they are detrimental to the environment as a whole. There needs to be a ban on Cigarettes completely, so many of these issues come to a halt.
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Aside from nicotine sucking a person in for a lifetime habit, cigarettes affect the lungs also producing outrageous amounts of lung cancer throughout the world. Lungs turn black on the inside of the body, and over time people have a hard time breathing, or doing other physical activities that they once loved to do. The endurance of a person is shortened massively, and they find themselves stopping activities to light one up. Now, with all these cancer sticks being inhaled throughout the world, one would have to wonder how much money is funding the deaths of many people.
The costs of cigarettes are tremendous, roughly eight dollars a pack. With many people smoking between one to two packs a day, that sums up to roughly one hundred and twelve dollars a week. People are just throwing their money to the big corporations that produce the cigarettes, in return for negative results. Tobacco doesn’t have a single target for who it wants to kill. It targets the rich or poor, healthy or sick. It’s the people that know better, than to buy cigarettes, who live long and healthy lives. But, the cost of cigarettes isn’t the only expenditure accumulated from smoking. Over the years the medical bills will pile up for vast reasons. Emphysema, COPD and many other conditions occur inside the body.
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