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Different Platforms, Different Strategies Social media provides an easily accessible way for an organization to inform and educate its customers and potential customers. Social media is used to engage the community,which sets it apart from old news outlets that really only provided one-way communication (Schlinke, and Crain, 2013). How can a company engage the community? They do this by choosing the most appropriate platform and starting those conversations within the community. Therefore, advertisers that use social media should be cautious in creating blanket advertising plans to cover all audiences and all social media (Minton, Lee, Orth, Kim, Kahle, 2012). Every social media platform has a different strategy for using effectively. Some…show more content…
Companies can create their own hashtag to be used with their brand so that people from around the world can post and share the products of your company. Maersk Line, the largest container shipping company in the world, has had major success throughout these social media platforms. Facebook This company entered the social media world with Facebook in 2011. They started out by just uploading photos of the containers, and started generating engagement through comments such as: “Amazing” or “Big Blue Beuts” (Katona et. al., 2014). Facebook is used in a way to engage with followers in a very conversational way and Maersk Line has done an amazing job so far. They even have turned the photos in a fun way using a photo of a giraffe on a containership and the text: “A giraffe on a containership... Read the story of Karaka the giraffe and her journey from Melbourne to Auckland onboard Maersk Aberdeen:” (Katona et. al., 2014). They have also asked their followers on facebook if they were actual customers through a poll, and they found out that the majority of their Facebook followers were actual customers which was great for them. One thing that Maersk Line has done to separate themselves from other companies on Facebook, is not only tell the positive stories but also the negative stories. One of their negative stories was about a containership striking a whale. Companies normally try to hide any negative stories about them, but this
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