Social Media And Its Impact On Marketing And Promotion

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Social media use isn’t just an arbitrary ego boost for brands and individuals. It’s a driving factor in business, marketing, technology and so much more. We Are Social reports that 2.1 billion out of the 7.2 billion people in the world now have social media accounts. Americans certainly fall into the mix, with 60% using it for their news fix, but at the same time they’re also doing other things like viewing ads. This means that you absolutely cannot ignore the impact of these huge and varied platforms on advertising, marketing and promotion. Let’s try to look into some examples of smart, creative and efficient use of social media to see what works. Oreo Oreo as a brand absolutely wowed the world during the 2013 Super Bowl in America. When the coverage experienced a lighting blackout, Oreo’s 15-strong social media team were straight on it to provide viewers with relevant content. Given that advertising space during the commercial breaks of the event itself costs as much as $5 million in 2016 (according to Fortune, who states that the cost has increased by 75% since 2005), Oreo virtually managed to capitalize for free. Although their content was not seen by every one of the estimated 114 million viewers of the television broadcast, they did receive 15,000 retweets and 20,000 likes on Facebook, as a result of the immediate coverage, Wired reports. They’re a great example of a brand using its assets to drive a social media strategy. They had copywriters, a strategist and
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