Social Media And Web 2.0 Tools

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Using Social Media and Web 2.0 tools to enhance the experience with Self- Regulated Learning

Self-regulated learning is a total work of the human brain; it entails attention, concentration, self-assessment, change and responsibility for one in learning. Research states that self-regulation possibly have little to do with intelligence and development. Psychologist in the year of 1960 studied how they discovered the ability to delay gratification is by forming the basic for self-control. A person character play a role in the definition of self-regulated learning. Overall research helps strengthens self-regulated learning; which helps with the student’s ability to learn and helps with their behavior.
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I feel that being able to view a peers opinion can make a person evaluate their view or stance on a subject.
Learning 2.0 is technology enhanced learning that goes beyond access to traditional educational materials and tools to construct a style of learning that is more engaging for the student; this is accomplished through the demand-pull approach which presents students with a vivid, possibly virtual, learning construct. This self-regulated learning process is based on the student’s desire to learn about a particular topic or be a part of a certain community, and is usually informal. The demand-pull mode is resource-oriented and current internet sources. Web 2.0 is rapidly growing and evolving (Brown & Adler, 2008).
The benefits and challenges that may be associated with self-regulated learning are (1).Staying Engaged, the internet along with the various applications help keeps students engaged on a particular topic of interest. These social media technology tools assist with the learning process based on the familiarity of the tools that are used. (2)Self-monitoring is a strategy that teaches student to self-assess their learning along with communicating with their peers. This pro helps students not only learn with each other but from each other. A disadvantage could be cost, not all of these self- learning tools are free and the advanced version usually comes with a fee. The internet also has no filter and this could cause a major

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