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I choose this topic is because more and more job seekers will go on social media to search for job. Even employers are putting recruitments advertisement on social media. Even like some of the jobs looking for admin staff, telemarketing staff and even sales staff the employer will just post on facebook and ask job seekers to contact them or send resume through their email address. Social media is a rising and evolving force within recruitment and resourcing. Firms are using the tools, despite the lack of knowledge, awareness and strategy and for differing reasons.
Personal experiences and perspective:
Before I study for my degree program, I search my jobs through internet, from Job Street, job central, jobs DB and ST jobs. …show more content…

Not only does Facebook have the most members of any social networking service.
Facebook is a giant network, so it is important to carve out your own company space. Having a dedicated careers tab on your company page makes it easy for candidates to find your open positions. Candidates who “like” your page will easily see what jobs are open at your company and can apply without ever leaving Facebook. When your page 's jobs tab is seamlessly linked to your core recruiting platform with applicant tracking, you get your open jobs in front of all visitors on your page.
The purpose of your Facebook Page should be to give job seekers a taste of the workplace culture. If you regularly share industry related content and prompt discussions, your company information will stay fresh in the minds of your Facebook fans. By making engagement easier, you are likely to encourage more quality candidates to show interest.
The power of LinkedIn lies in the ability to leverage the networks of your company, colleagues, employees and their connections to find the best talent. LinkedIn is the biggest social media destination for professional networking. A good way to engage with candidates who are passionate about your industry and your company is to develop a community of qualified individuals who follow your company page on LinkedIn.
Taking part in LinkedIn group discussions and sharing interesting content, as well as current openings, will bring a new audience back to

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