Sociological Analysis Of Concrete Angel

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Sociology Analysis over Concrete Angel
Zachary Gosnell
Southeast Missouri State University
SO 102 – October 12, 2017

The lyrics of “Concrete Angel” has meaning to it. The lyrics focus on child abuse. Child abuse is a problem that may children all over the world face. Child abuse can be in the form of verbal and/or physical abuse, bullying, and so on. The lyrics shows us how the obvious signs of abuse can be seen but bystanders choose to ignore what is going on. The lyrics of “Concrete Angel” relates to sociology in many ways. The lyrics relate to three perspectives of sociology. Those perspectives are conflict, interactionism, and functionalism. The main focus of this paper is the characterization portraying the societal issue of child abuse.
The song I chose to do my analysis on is “Concrete Angel” written by Stephanie Kay Bentley and Rob Crosby and sung by Martina McBride. I felt the song has meaning and I would be able to analysis it. The message of the song exudes to it listener to child abuse, or any relating form of abuse. The lyrics talk about how victims of abuse show obvious signs of physical or mental harm that bystanders choose to ignore. “Concrete Angel” is about a little girl who is trapped in a life of turmoil. The song describes her short innocent life. Her life is lived in vein as neglect and abuse plagues her. The adults around her seem to be aware of her anguish but like most people they chose to not get
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