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p. 1 Megan Ly Chemistry 231L February 20, 2013


Purpose: To better comprehend solubility behavior by investigating the solubility of various substances in different solvents, looking at miscible and immiscible pairs of liquids, and observing the solubility of organic acids and bases. Reference: Pavia, A Small Scale Approach to Organic Laboratory Techniques pp. 6-­‐9 Report: Part A 1) Results in table form Solvent:
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Methyl alcohol is more polar than the other two alcohols because of the shorter carbon chain and polar hydroxyl group. For this reason, methanol is soluble in water.


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1-­‐octanol and 1-­‐butanol are both nonpolar molecules which explains why it is soluble in hexane. Methanol is semi-­‐polar and not soluble in nonpolar hexane, even though the small bubbles indicate that solution is taking place.

Part C 1) Results in table form Compound Water & Ethyl Alcohol O H O H O H O H H




Cl Cl H & O H & OH

Miscible/Immiscible Miscible

Water & Diethyl
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