Sony Critical Analysis

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“Sony is wholeheartedly committed to improving product and service quality from the customer’s viewpoint with the aim of maintaining and enhancing customer’s satisfaction, reliability and trust. This reflects Sony’s belief that our most important goal is to remain a highly trusted partner for our customers.”

Critical Analysis:
Sony is an electronic company which is known for its high quality electronic products. From start Sony had focused on continuously improving its products. Sony electronic products have advance technology to meet needs of the customers. Sony guarantee high quality with advance technology and innovative features. Customers think Sony products are reliable and they can trust them because of their quality.
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By creating long relationships with suppliers mainly helps a business to achieve quality and excellence and McDonald’s follows that principle. They state in their policy that ‘all buns are subject to quality and safety control’ it also shows that McDonalds also realizes universal quality responsibility. Same is the case when it comes to farm fresh vegetables. McDonald’s buy fresh vegetables with local supplier to create zero purchase time. Their prime objective for this is to keep vegetables fresh and nutritious. McDonald’s ensures the quality of their dairy products by creating a quality control procedure throughout the supply chain. Thus, focusing on zero defects. McDonald’s also follows the principle ‘prevention is better than detection’ in their quality policy. McDonalds has many aspects of a good quality policy, they aim for continuous improvement of their food products, universal responsibility by following the safety regulations, preventing the defects and most importantly focusing on customer’s value. McDonald also train and empower its employees. Overall, McDonalds has a good quality policy but it has opened a lot of franchises on numerous areas of the country. That is why the quality standards are not same everywhere. McDonalds should improve its training to maintain uniform quality …show more content…

Nestle ensures that its customers are satisfied and their products fulfil all their expectations. Nestle quality policy ensures that they provide reliable and good quality products to its customers. Nestle build good relationship with its customers by offering high quality product and services which meet customer’s standards. If customers are satisfied company will progress, so customer satisfaction is the mean goal of the organization. Customers will have trust on the company when company provide quality product to its customers. Nestle quality policies also ensures that its products should meet bench marks set in the business. Their employees are trained to bring continuous improvement in their products. Nestle has well organized teams who will work for the continuous improvement of the product. Nestle products are a name of good quality food products. Their food products are considered very safe because they are tested many time before packaging, which shows nestle never compromise in quality. Nestle also ensures that foods quality is good and fulfil customer

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