Sports Marketing Mix

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Running Head: Sports Marketing Mix Introduction In order to operate in the industry in a competitive and profitable fashion, organizations have to base their marketing strategies on four core marketing mix elements. These elements include product or service strategies, pricing strategies, promotion or communication strategies, and distribution or place strategies. The marketing mix enables a company to present its products or services to its most potential target market in the most effective fashion (Lancaster & Withey, 2007). The product strategies include all those activities and actions of the company which are related to the designing, manufacturing, and improvement of the existing products or development of the new products. The pricing strategies include complete analysis of the costs of production, operations, and promotion that reflect on the product's final consumer price. The promotional strategies explain the company's efforts to market its products or services to its target audience on different promotional mediums. Finally, the place or distribution strategies discuss how a company makes its products or services available to the target audience through its business network in the current business location (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, & Armstrong, 2010). Marketing Mix for Wilson Sporting Goods Tennis Equipment 1. Product: Wilson Sporting Goods specializes in various kinds of sports equipments in all sports categories. The tennis equipments
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