Stakeholder Engagement And Accountability Is Essential For Successfully Impact The Strategic Plan Goals Essay

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Stakeholder engagement and accountability is essential to successfully impact the strategic plan goals. In order to evaluate success, outcomes must demonstrate measurable improvement. For this reason, performance scorecards/balanced scorecards are used that define the outcome measure, the process owner, the target goal, and the timeline for completion. Including these components within the implementation plan will ensure that stakeholders are clearly aware of: 1) outcome expectations; 2) who is the process owner; 3) metric goals; and 4) timeline reviews of progress. Once this is complete, individual/departmental/organizational performance evaluations will provide direction regarding the need for remedial training, disciplinary action, or celebrating WINS. To understand this more fully, each stakeholder group will be discussed separately. The Board of Trustees and the CEO are the first stakeholder group. As the governing body of the organization, they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that all service lines meet quality and safety standards. When deficiencies are known, it is vital that these organizational leaders support quality improvement work to change existing processes. As well, Boards of Trustees and CEO’s influence the culture of the organization. Governing leadership must drive strategic compliance and be willing to sever ties with those who do not share this same philosophy. The Board of Trustees and CEO will show their support of improvement work

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