Status Of Use Of Ict By Secondary School Students Of Nepal Essay

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Status of Use of ICT by Secondary School Students of Nepal

Dirgha Raj Joshi
Research Scholar
Faculty of Education
Banaras Hindu University, India

Information and communication technology (ICT) is most important part of modern education system. It is highly beneficial for the improvement of students several aspect of knowledge, skill and attitudes. The study focused in use of ICT with respect to students of class nine and ten from secondary schools of Kathmandu, Nepal. Responses of 106 students were taken and data has analyzed by percentage and Mann Whitney U test. It was found that most of the students of that level are weakly using technology and public school students were poorer in several measured items even boys and girl students were not differ in the use of ICT. It is important to accomplish so many properties by several stakeholders for proper use of it in their learning.
Key words: information and communication technology, Use of ICT 1. Introduction
Information and communication technology (ICT) is modern conception in the field of education. It makes easy to understand new concepts, knowledge, skill related to daily life circumstances. Education system has been affected by technology (Adu & Olatundun, 2013). New technologies challenge the traditional conceptions and ensure new concepts in teaching learning process. So use of ICT in learning has typical role for students’ motivation and learning. Developed country has good practice in the field of

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