Strategy And Positioning Analysis Part 2

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Strategy and Positioning Analysis Part 2 During the last few decades, wireless usage has become essential. The world has become mobile and having instant access to information is in high demand. As a consequence, communication among wireless devices requires higher coverage and flexibility (Frattasi 2010). Another consequence is the new market mobile technology has created, a market where new smartphones are released every year. The list of smartphones that fail in the market is long. In October 2015, fifty-nine smartphones were released to the market out of those fifty-nine phones only two companies dominated the market Apple and Samsung. Hotfi counts with high coverage and flexibility, and being an Apple product counts with the brand name of Apple. Having great coverage, flexibility and a prestigious brand name are not enough to ensure Hotfi is successful in today market. A strong marketing strategy and positioning are required. The strategy is going to analyze: how marketing efforts and marketing mix will change with each phase in the product lifecycle, how the packaging use for Hotfi will add value, the appropriate pricing strategy for Hotfi and the at launch, and the channels of distribution use to sell Hotfi along with a description of how each channel partner will add value. The purpose of the analysis is to avoid Hotfi being another smartphone that fails in the upcoming years.
Marketing Efforts and Marketing Mix Hotfi is a service product with a seven-factor…
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