Student Affairs Role And Purpose

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Student Affairs Role and Purpose Congratulations! We would like to offer you a position in our student affairs department? Those were the words, I heard after my interview at Grand Canyon University. Should I be excited? Maybe! But I barely know much about student affairs, and how I should conduct myself as a student affair professional. Moreover, I believe the role of student affairs is to help students succeed and matriculate through college. In other words, I do not think people who work in student affairs feel the same. I believe student affairs professionals believe that their job is to help students register for classes and provide assistance to students who are struggling. Which it may be true, but there is a lot of information …show more content…

Besides that, students should be a top priority for student affairs. Without students, student affairs would not exist and colleges/universities would be no more. So, it is important that student affairs treat students in a way that they will feel comfortable and graduate from that college. I believe student affair 's is a home away from home for students. It’s up to the student affairs professional to be thoughtful and caring to students that they meet. Why does student affairs exist? I believe student affairs exist to help students feel comfortable away from home, and provide them with the necessities to perform in activities around campus. In addition, a student affair is a stationary place where students can get advice and learn about different departments around campus. In 1987, student affairs were to provide essential services such as admission, registration, counseling, financial aid, health care and placement which contribute to the institutional mission and goals (ACOE, Pg. 16.) I agree with this comment because student affairs are set up with these various locations in order to assist students on a colligate level. Moreover, student affairs are meant to be a place where students can stay informed about their educational resources and funding. I do believe a student affair is doing an awesome job with meeting student needs as of today. As far as higher education, ACOE (1987) explains how the purpose of student affairs

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