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How to Succeed in Life

You might ask me,”Who are you?”,”Are you intelligent?” When I asked myself these questions, I didn’t know the answer to them. The odd one in the crowd, they always say. One of those people who were lost on who they truly are, I was tired of this nonsense. I will show everyone who I am. But there was a question that needed to be answered in order for me to change, “What traits should a successful student have?”, I’ve always asked this question to myself for countless years. When I moved to grade 8, I learned about the four main topics that answered this question, it changed how I interpret, see, and hear in my daily life.

Initially, I want to talk about what I’ve learned about becoming successful in the classroom …show more content…

In fact, I learned that essential skills are important for getting an occupation, as that’s what employers want from you. Let’s start off with numeracy (math), what I learned is that’s a very important essential skill because if you want an occupation in engineering you’ll have to know numeracy. Since numeracy is my favorite subject, it shouldn’t be a problem for me in that area of essential skills. Also, what I figured out is that the essential skills: reading text, document use, and writing come hand in hand, because I’m writing an essay as an example, when I’m done the essay I would read it over to check for errors. However, no one’s perfect, so I might’ve not realized some of the mistakes, as either I’ve missed them, or thought it was correct. If that happens, I’ll use a document such as Microsoft word to help me find my errors, and I can learn from the mistake I made. When I actually tried this in person it helped me improve my grades, because when I obtained my report, there were no mistakes related to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. As a result, these essential skills are crucial for getting an occupation in the near future.

Thirdly, I have learned that all people don’t learn the same, they have a style of their own that helps them learn. There are 3 types of learners that i know of: Visual learners, who learn through their sense of sight, for example I like to write down information. Auditory learners who learn through their

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