Summary In 1990 the interview guide for nurse manager was introduced on the basis of the

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Summary In 1990 the interview guide for nurse manager was introduced on the basis of the “continuous quality improvement” and “right sizing”. With the reduction in the layers of administrators more weightage was given on the proper screening and selection of the first line managers. The unit culture was the way to go ahead. Managers creating culture integrated with incremental change was valued. In 1999 the change in the management style was more inclined to “redesign” and “cost cutting”. Peck defines redesign as the “fundamental rethinking and radical design change of patient care delivery process to achieve dramatic improvements in measure of performance such as quality, service, and speed.”(1) Manager who was a very well know person…show more content…
The leadership behaviors helped employees to act, inspire them, motivate them model the way and encourage them. The results were the correlation of the various leadership qualities and other factors. It is also suggested that creating a shared vision helps in the time of crises. A study in Finland revealed that satisfied employees had at least one confident conversation with their nurse manager every year as against those who were less satisfied with the management. The nurse managers of such satisfied employee gave their wards an opportunity to put forth the views and also their opinions even in case of a disagreement. The work environment as very proactive and friendly. Asking administrator after a certain period of time after hiring a nurse manager if they would rehire the same manager gave the authors a view to determine whether the Interview guide was helpful or not. Methodology It was a comparative kind of study having 10 items arranged in 5 point, Likert type scale (1= strongly agree, 5= strongly disagree). It was first tested on an administrators for the chances of a nurse manager being rehired. The 10 items were evaluated as on for the other similar scaled item in the NMSE, which checks for the competencies and characteristics. The data were evaluated for 2 sets one for after 6 months and the other for after 2 years of hiring. 6 months data samples consisted of 22 nurse managers while 2 year data consisted of 19 nurse
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