Summary Of ' The Night ' Essay

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At present I sit with Kyllian at a bar in Los Angeles. I drink an iced tea while he drinks a soda. Kyllian flirts with this girl named Adelaide, he only has sex on his mind. Thanks to my Ravana, I can read minds so easily, everyone is like an open book when I look at them. While Kyllian flirts with this girl, I allow my mind to wonder into some of the people around me. The guy covered in tattoos head to toe, sitting diagonal to us, has thoughts of murder on his mind. I discreetly watch him and push further into his mind. He has killed three times in the past two months and tonight will be number four. He likes his victims to be young, helpless females who he can easily lure into his home and strangle them. In that moment, I decide that no matter what, I will kill this guy before the night is though. Although I try to catch his attention by winking at him and smiling cutely, I cannot seem to get him to even look at me. I mean why wouldn’t he look at me, I am the most cute and helpless looking girl in this bar with my long ash blonde hair and big crystal blue eyes, with my short pale pink flowy dress and my black cardigan. I’m the exact type he enjoys and I know it. In the meantime, I focus back on Adelaide and Kyllian’s conversation. “So Kyllian tell me, if you’re always out and about at night then what do you do during the daytime for your job?” She asks him. Adelaide is cute but in an indolent sort of way. Her bright red hair looks as if it mimics a haircut from a

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