Swot Analysis Of Alothaim

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1 Cover Page 1
2 Index 2
3 Executive Summary 3
4 Alothaim’s background 4
5 Alothaim’s vision/mission/organization goals 5
6 Alothaim’s Strategies 6
7 SWOT analysis (internal + external + PESTLE analysis) 8
8 Analysis and Recommended strategies 11
9 Conclusion 12

Executive Summary

This business report provides the SWOT and the PESTLE analysis of Alothaim Markets. …show more content…

We’ve spent time on reading and investigating about Alothaim Markets in order to get as much information to complete this …show more content…

Alothaim’s Strategies

A Solid Business Strategy:

Current Strongholds (Geographies/Formats)
Increased Competition
Supply Chain
OMC’S Experience & Relations

OMC’S Balanced Strategy for Sustained Growth (Cost Leadership/Service & Product Differentiation):

1-Improve Margins (Cost Optimization)
• Focus on Private Labels/Fresh
• Supply Chain Optimization
• Optimize Inventory Levels
• Improve Retail Space Utilization
• Divest Unprofitable Stores
• Reduce Shrinkage

2-Business Expansion
• Aggressive Expansion especially in Supermarkets Formats
• Enter the Hypermarkets Segment
• Expand Geographically through Synergistic Acquisitions
• Increase Presence in Current Geographic Strongholds

3-Diversification (Risk Minimization)
• Expand Product Range
• Backward Integration
• Target Broader Market Segment
• Geographic Diversification
• Enter Long-Term Partnerships
Sales Growth Strategy:

• Annual Sales Growth of 15%

• New Supermarkets/Hypermarkets
• Improve Utilization of Space at Current Outlets

Marketing Strategy:

• Enhance Costumer Experience (Corporate ID, Product availability, Items Display, Online Shopping)
• Increase the Customer Basket Size by 20% Annually Concentrate on customer interaction and Digital Marketing (Social &

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