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In this business report, I have decided to carry out a SWOT Analysis on Apple Inc. I have chosen to base this on Apple Inc., as they are a large-scale business in which many people have used or tested one of their products. I wanted to discover whether Apple Inc. is as good a business as people suggest.

Research Methods:

Throughout this report, I referred to both primary and secondary sources. My first and one of my main sources was a questionnaire; see appendix 2. I decided to use a questionnaire as it is a good way of securing and collecting various aspects of information about how people view Apple as a business. This proved to be true as the results from the questionnaire were a very useful tool in …show more content…

After analysing my questionnaire 75% of people surveyed owned two or more apple products and no one asked did not own any of Apple’s products, 88% of people also said they thought that Apple’s product range was either Good or Excellent.
Brand Image and Loyalty:

Experts argue that Apple’s very successful brand image could be a major factor in why they are a big competitor in a lot of markets. With 46% of people asked in my questionnaire saying one of the reasons they purchased an apple product was due to the brand could suggest that Apple’s successful brand image could solely bring many new customers to the business. Their image makes it a lot easier for Apple to enter new markets, in 2015 apple released the Apple Watch – this was the first time they entered the market – according to an analyst firm ‘Canalys’ the apple watch quickly became the best-selling wearable device with an estimated number of shipments of 11.4 million in the first half on 2015. Apple’s brand loyalty is surprisingly high compared to its competitors. Website ‘Betanews’ has stated that when Apple revealed the iPhone 6 both the regular and plus models of the phone both combined to 4 million pre-orders in the first 24 hours. It then went on the sell 10 million units of the two models in the first three days. This, an Apple record suggests that Apple’s brand loyalty

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