Swot Analysis Of Haigh 's Chocolates

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INTRODUCING TO BUSINESS B ASSIGNMENT BY: WASEEM QAISER STUDENT ID: 11400480 TABLE OF CONTENTS: • INTRODUCTION. • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • SWOT ANALYSIS • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND POSITIONING • THE MARKETING MIX 4P’S • CONCLUSION • REFERENCES. INTRODUCTION: Haigh 's Chocolates is an Australian confectionery industry organization offering astounding chocolate and related items to clients in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The organization is situated in Adelaide, South Australia, where it was established in 1915 by Alfred E. Haigh. Haigh 's behaviors free voyages through its manufacturing plant on Greenhill Road. Alfred E. Haigh was conceived in …show more content…

SWOT ANALYSIS: SWOT analysis of the haigh’s chocolate is as follow. STRENGTHS: 1. Solid brand legacy- Operating effectively since 1912. 2. Solid brand value and fantastic items. 3. Vicinity in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. 4. Wide mixed bag of chocolates in appealing bundles (Milk chocolates, Dark Chocolates, Liquor chocolates, and so on.) 5. Accomplishment of chocolate "Easter Bilby" as an option to the Easter Bunny. 6. Well known visits to the manufacturing plant for people in general, to see the making of chocolate. WEAKNESS: 1. Powerlessness to extend business notwithstanding of numerous endeavors prompting low piece of the pie 2. Couldn 't acquire affirmation from Fair Trade Foundation. OPPORTUNITY: 1. Advancements toward blessing vouchers which are turned out to be prominent as corporate endowments and organization prize projects. 2. Internet offering and conveying (E-trade stage) 3. Market advancement in rest of Australia and slowly at the worldwide level. THREATS: 1. Reacting to expanding Health cognizance among individuals. 2. Keeping up great quality in perishable classification is a test. (Whitening of chocolates and lacking stockpiling conditions hampers brand picture.) 3. Solid Competition from other chocolate organizations. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE & POSITIONING AND

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