Swot Analysis Of Pkf Limited On Hospitality And Catering Sector Essay

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PKF limited is internationally re known in consultancy within the hospitality and catering sector. It is among some of the biggest consultation and accounting organizations. The special consultancy and accounting services has formed a basis for reliability and class. The hotel offers unbiased, truthful and independent advice with the aim of creating a friendlier environment for both the customers and the staff. All the success gained has been through the help of the able and experienced consultants who have been providing quality services for the hotel firm.
Our location
The PKF firm is represented throughout the world, with other member hotels in one hundred and twenty countries. The company has experienced a wide variety of customers in the named locations and among them other financial institutions on hotel groups.
Our customers comprise small and large tourism firms, business operators and lenders as well as public sector and private sector customers. In this context, a home can be defined as a place where individuals are made comfortable due to the creation of an environment where relation and security are offered. In this case, the conditions and environment at home are created far away from the real homes of individuals thus happiness and security is offered. Competitors have used the concept of home away from home in attracting a large number of customers. This has been accomplished in the following ways;
Analysis of the competitive factors

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