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MT 1: Role of Marketing in Business Strategy
Please discuss how marketing strategy fits within the larger framework of business strategy. Provide an example of a company (from any industry) that successfully integrates marketing strategy into its overall business strategy, mission and vision. Or, give an example of a company whose marketing strategy doesn’t fit well with its business strategy, mission and vision, and explain why this is so.

MT 2: Sources of Innovation
One of the most popular tools in any marketing plan is a SWOT analysis. The following website http://www.marketingteacher.com/ has many interesting examples of SWOTs done for companies we are all familiar with (Starbucks, Wal-Mart, etc.). Please study them carefully:
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UIS Weaknesses:
• underfunding in many departments and programs
• lack of financial support for faculty Scholarship
• thin on cultural/racial/ethnic diversity
• declining enrollment from the mid- to late-1990s, followed by uneven patterns of growth
• understaffing at many levels
• inadequate resources for recruitment, retention, advising, and marketing – all the things needed to recruit and retain students
• lack of infrastructure – including physical, financial, and human resources; inadequate capital funds to support all that we want to do
• underdeveloped campus life and facilities
• not enough undergraduate degree programs
UIS Opportunities:
• continuing education for intellectual enrichment and for people of all ages
• online opportunities worldwide
• downtown presence – for classes and a residential center for graduate students/interns
• opportunity to build an undergraduate experience using the best practices from throughout the country
• tap into the health care industry, which is growing in Springfield with two major hospitals, a medical school, and only the second state-created Medical District

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