Symptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Depression

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The smallest sounds, movements, incidents, and more can make someone jump or excessively worry. Or a bad grade makes one feel like they have failed everyone around them. Having just been in a car accident and then riding in a car for the first time since the accident can cause a great amount of worry, depression, and anxiety. And sometimes what comes along with anxiety is bipolar-depression. One moment a person will be the happiest and feel like they’re on cloud nine, but then the next moment will be either on a downhill slope, a ball of fire, or vice versa all together. Anxiety and bipolar-depression interfere with the everyday life of the one suffering from the disorders. Shivers down the spine of a person who had just recently experienced a tragic and intense event and is now in a situation where the level of anxiousness and worry is through the roof. A pounding heartbeat and numbness of the body. One does not know what’s in store. Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome (Oxford Dictionaries) with symptoms consisting of an increase in blood pressure, sweating, dizziness, shakes, and a racing heartbeat. People who suffer from anxiety worry excessively about things when there is a slim reason, if one at all, to worry. They go throughout the day thinking that everything will go badly. Anxiety can sometimes be in genetics, but there is not a legitimate reason as to why some have anxiety
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