Sys 001 Research Paper

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SYS-001 The system shall be capable of detecting any obstacles in the road notably during winter when the visibility is poor and send a warning signal to driver. Justification: The obstacles detecting sensor and lane changing sensor shall be incorporated on the same system there by enabling compact design of collision detecting system. SYS-002 The system shall able capable of detecting a vehicle travelling with high beams at a distance of 170 feet and send a warning signal on the control panel of vehicle. Justification: 170 feet is the maximum stopping distance of vehicle cruising at a speed of 40mph without colliding or the driver may change lane avoiding the path of vehicle …show more content…

Mission requirement
SYS-004 The system shall be capable to change its sensitivity depending on the situation Justification: This requirement reduces the user’s burden of selecting the sensitivity of the system and the correct use of the system
SYS-005 The system shall warn the driver if he is travelling over the permitted speed or take control of vehicle by servomechanism. Justification: In UK the speed limits in area with school is 20mph. hence the system warns the driver to slow down if he speeds over 20 mph thereby preventing mishaps.

SYS-006 The system shall detect the drowsiness level of driver by facial expression and warn the driver to take a break from driving.
Justification: The slight error in movement of steering wheels will be indicated with an audio signal
Product Assurance requirement

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