Takinga a Look at Pizza Hut Changloon

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Nowadays, pizza lover is everywhere. There are a lot’s of Pizza restaurant such as Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut pizza, Papa John’s pizza and so on. In this assignment we are focusing the marketing strategies of Pizza Hut which is located in Changloon.
As we know, Pizza hut still come out with a variety of product such as salad & soup, pasta, dessert and so on. In this case, pizza hut need to a lot of employee to complete their services provided for their customer especially in peak hour. But in Changlon Pizza Hut there just have few workers on duty in one slot. This issue has affected their taste of pizza not as delicious as other branch of Pizza hut because their workers need to be responsible for all kinds of food on the menu, but not only specialized in Pizza.
Besides, there are too many flavors in Changloon pizza hut menu, such as super supreme, meat lover, triple chicken, blazing seafood and so on. But, nowadays most of the customer is picky eaters. They have their own ideas. They may be like to eat that type of flavor, but they might dun wan some of the ingredients inside the pizza. For example Island supreme, this type of pizza contains of onions. Some of the customers dislike onion, so pizza hut must fulfill their customer needs not to put that type of ingredient. But, if the pizza lack of one ingredient, the taste will be different. So, Pizza Hut in Changloon is very hard to maintain their pizza taste if want to fulfill the request of the customer. As what I
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