Tanglewood Case Study

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Tanglewood Case Study #1 Nellie J. Harris HRM594-Strategic Staffing Mr. Perrone, I am responding to your request to review Tanglewood’s staffing decisions currently in place. After reviewing Tanglewood’s 39 year history as well as current and potential competitors, I have reviewed the 13 sections per your request. Each recommendation is based on Tanglewood’s mission and values. Tanglewood is a 39 year old company looking to expand its’ organization while still maintaining its’ core values. Tanglewood believes in running its’ stores with a “strong base of employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and profitability” (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). Tanglewood must set itself apart from companies such as Kohl’s and Target.…show more content…
National or Global Tanglewood’s goal is to be a market leader. To achieve this goal Tanglewood’s focus at this time needs to be to improve its’ national presence first. Tanglewood has 243 stores throughout the United States, from Washington State to Arizona. Tanglewood finding a global company with workers who operate on the same value system, where it is not impossible, it could potentially be a costly and time consuming endeavor at this time. Operating and optimizing domestic personnel is the best option for Tanglewood at this time. Attract or Relocate Tanglewood wants to be successful. Tanglewood needs to establish locations closer to their distributors and attract higher quality applicants at their current locations. Regional managers have a limited background in Human Resources (HR) within 12 regions. Training should be provided for managers to keep them knowledgeable of new policies and guidelines for efforts in attracting new employees. Tanglewood managers should attempt to attract employees with or pursuing higher-education to ensure the growth of the company. Overstaff or Understaff Tanglewood at this time should implement understaffing at their locations. In today’s economic climate and to avoid potential layoffs in the future understaffing is the best option. The option to adjust staffing levels, region to region, through increasing employee overtime or bringing in short-term flexible staff if the market demands, will remain
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