Tata Nano Marketing Strategies Essays

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The Tata Nano Marketing Plan Strategies


Hao Yang (Vince) ID 0558603

Kwantip Khammuang (Kwan) ID 0558633

Narisa Keyuraphan (Beau) ID 0558832

Marketing Management (MKT 300)

Instructor: Prof. Hank Pruden


Table of Contents

I. Company Analysis II. Situation Analysis a. SWOT Analysis b. Product Analysis c. Competitor Analysis 1. Toyota Company • Strengths / Weakness 2. Honda Company • Strengths / Weakness III. Market Segmentation a. Demographics b. Psychographics c. Behavioral IV. Strategic Planning …show more content…

This car is so-called “Tata Nano”, US$2500, which is cheaper than other competitors such as Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki which cost approximately US$ 5,000 a car. Therefore, many blue-collar workers, who have low income and prefer to have a car, can easily afford Tata Nano by spending less amount of money. In addition, it provides 21 percent more spacious to drivers than current compact cars in the Indian market. This feature is also special that no one has such as a rear engine

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