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Policies and precedures of the setting support children and young people to feel safe and secure. Policies exists to ensure the well being of all pupils within the setting, ensuring they are safeguarded and cared for physcially, emotionally, socially and educationally. The behaviour policy focuses on incorporating a code of conduct, an agreed set of rules which underpin the values of the school and exist to keeping children safe. The setting support pupils to feel respected and be respectful by demonstrating positive role models of behaviour and promoting high standards of behaviour from all. Promoting inclusion, equal opportunities without bullying and discrimination and clear rules with consistent sanctions when rules are broken. They support …show more content…

The behaviour policies of the setting support pupils to understand expectations and limits by providing clear rules & sanctions through their policies and systems. The school use positive behaviour management strategies to maintain high standards of behaviour .Each class is to use school Golden Rules. They are be phrased positively whenever possible and displayed throughout the . These rules are based on the Golden Rules (by Jenny Moseley) which are used to promote positive behaviour during the school day . The school has an agreed reward system for following the Golden Rules. They address and sanction unacceptable behaviour consistently, which either affects the safety, wellbeing or learning of themselves and other people at school. This varies from low level disruptive classroom behaviour to behaviour that endangers or intimidates other people . Low level negative behaviours are under the umbrella of the class behaviour tree. Behaviour that puts stakeholders at risk of harm (emotional, physical and educational) will be subject to a Red Card. At other times of the day for example, assembly, playtimes and lunchtimes, other systems are used. High standards of expected behaviour and nurtured pupils have responsibility for their own behaviour, home school learning agreement encourages this with pupils and parent also working in collaboration. Pupils understand expected behaviou, limits and boundaries and learn the consquences of their actions, behaviour and

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